Boulangerie Bon Matin

178 Tollington Park, N4 3AJ

Bon Matin

Boulangerie Bon Matin is a French style patisserie and café near Finsbury Park that has opened to cater to the upwardly-mobile that are moving to the area.

It looks very attractive from the outside, especially when you get close to the window and see the amazing display of cakes and pastries they have. Although it might look quite small initially, it does go back a long way into a nice-looking exposed brick extension. Art is for sale on the walls, which I always like to see in a café.

Apart from the huge array of cakes and pastries, the menu has breakfasts, soups and salads. It’s very veggie-friendly; in fact there’s no red meat and only a couple of chicken choices. We had the tuna melt open sandwich (£6.50), which was disappointingly small. However, it was nice and tangy with crispy toast. The ratatouille crêpe (£7.60) was a much better size, nice and hot with flavourful aubergine and a fried egg on top of the buckwheat crêpe. Lentil and chilli soup (£5.90) was ordered to make up for the unsatisfying tuna melt. This in contrast was pretty big, with a huge amount of bread, and was really nice and hearty.

We saw other people have the muesli bowl and the grilled ciabatta, and these were generous portions too (if pricey), as was the coffee, so perhaps we just got unlucky with the tuna melt choice.

Public Transport test – About 10 minutes’ walk from the Finsbury Park stations. Bus stop for the 210 and W7 about 100 yards away.

Staff test – Let’s just say they’re authentically ‘Gallic’. Unsmiling and make you feel like you’re inconveniencing them. The food came quickly though.

Quirkiness test – Not exactly quirky, but very nice décor and it stands out in the area.

Single person test – Yes. People were eating alone and there’s lots of small tables. Newspapers too.

Date test – Yes, for a lunch.

Take your mother test – Lots of cakes and pastries, so yes.

Read a book in the corner test – Perhaps you would feel a bit rushed at the weekends, but, yes/

Could you work here on your laptop test – Someone was.

Accessibility test – Toilets are downstairs and the space is generally cramped.

Child- friendly test – Yes. Someone managed to fit a buggy all the way to the back. Kid’s hot chocolate on the menu.

Clientele – Youngish locals, perhaps new to the area.

Music test – No music.

Grumpy Old Man test – A smile doesn’t cost anything!

If it were a band/song/film/book, what would it be?

Loos – Downstairs opposite the counter. Clean and nice enough looking, though the hand blower wasn’t working.

Website test – It’s a WordPress blog template, oddly. Very little information, but the menu is there.

Top tips –Be careful of the varying portion sizes – ask the wait staff exactly how big what you’re ordering is.
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